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Perspex coffee table – Classic clear acrylic

Today I will talk about our clients’ favourite product designed and manufactured by Plex Design artisans.
Our clear acrylic coffee tables are an ultra-modern design which reflects glamourous and contemporary living, with a warm welcome feeling.

Elegant Perspex coffee table

Whether at home or at the reception, creating an elegant and welcoming space is important. Our artisans have designed a coffee table that accentuates and compliments any décor choice you have made in the room. The clear acrylic coffee table will enhance the beauty of any carpet or feature rug and not take away from its design and colours.

Acrylic Coffee table of different sizes

Our acrylic coffee tables are part of our Perspex furniture range. Choose the size of your the most, from these options 40 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm and purchase it. If you have a large living room and need choose the 80 cm

Made to measure – coffee table

Choosing a coffee table of the right size is really important and our Italian artisans know that. Our clients will often ask for bespoke solutions and we are here to help you create your ideal coffee table.