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Our perspex bedside tables are smart and modern, making them suitable for every kind of bedroom style. Discover our perspex bedside tables collection, with bedside table with drawers, transparent bedside tables, modern ones, all made in Italy! If you want a smarter bedroom you must have one of our perspex bedside tables. Custom made bedside tables available.

Transparent bedside tables are smarter, made for people who wants something more than a normal bedside table!

Our perspex modern bedside tables are a made in Italy choice, Plex Design is an italian society specialized in perspex interior design for home and commercial activities. If you want the best modern design you can’t miss one of our modern perspex bedside table.

Perspex is as practice and modern as ultra resistent material. Perspex bedside tables are indestructible, you can have one in every style bedroom, making them brighter so even a small one will look huge with one of them.